Conservation Initiatives


Shared Universe Ventures


Shared Universe will protect endangered species, in particular the rhinoceros.

If poaching is not stopped and rhinos are not bred in significantly larger numbers they may become extinct in nature within the next 10 to 15 years. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has designated the “critically endangered” classification for black rhino and “near threatened” for white rhino.

Rhinos are perhaps the nearest living reminders we have to dinosaurs. The thought of the next generation not being able to experience these magnificent animals is heartbreaking.

Our investors do not invest in the expectation of quick dividends. They understand what is at stake and the greater benefits to be achieved through investing in our fund.

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Mopane Bush Lodge


A tranquil bush retreat with attentive personal service at affordable rates

Four star fully catered luxury accommodation
Located on MAPESU NATURE RESERVE, a 6000ha game farm, and ideally situated for visits to: 



LIMPOPO RIVER and its confluence with the Shashe River







Shared Universe Foundation


Shared Universe Foundation is a South African registered not-for-profit foundation.

The vision of the Foundation includes the advancing of research, education and conservation in regard of Rhinoceros and other endangered species, along with the provision of strategic support for biodiversity conservation programs and projects. The emphasis shall be on protection and conservation of rhinoceros and other endangered species as well as increasing conservation awareness amongst the people of South Africa and abroad. The principal objects of the Foundation is:


  • The protection and conservation of rhinoceros and other endangered species in South Africa

  • Research and education in regard of rhinoceros and other endangered species in South Africa

  • The protection and conservation of other endangered species in South Africa as well as research and education in regard of such endangered species

  • Maintain the Shared Universe Conservation Fund into which donations from corporations and private individuals shall be paid and invested


The ancillary objects of the Foundation shall be to:


  • Maintain a high standard of biodiversity conservation

  • Promote sustainable use of wildlife resources

  • Maintain the integrity of conservation areas both within and outside formal protected areas, in terms of biodiversity and cultural heritage

  • Support conservation based community development projects

  • Foster increased conservation awareness amongst the people of Southern Africa

  • Render services to the cause of biodiversity conservation and conservationists with the object of enhancing the standards of biodiversity conservation best practice

  • Support and facilitate the conservation, rehabilitation or protection of the natural environment, including flora, fauna or the biosphere

  • Provide facilities for the study of enjoyment of biodiversity conservation for the benefit of the general public


The trustees are: 


  • Toine Knipping

  • Rudi Viljoen (Chariman)

  • Jan Tromp

  • Brian Dawson (Vice Chairman)

  • Peter de Luca



Race Against Time


Race against Time is a Trans-Africa record challenge with the purpose of raising awareness of the rhino’s plight and to conserve and protect them.


Over 1,215 adult rhinos were poached in South Africa last year many of them left behind their young as orphans to fend for themselves.


Orphaned rhinos cannot make it by themselves in the wild, they need our help. The only orphanage in Limpopo is over two hours away and has reached its capacity. Shared Universe is planning to shortly create a new rhino orphanage.


There is a great need in the northern Limpopo area for a dedicated team of people and a facility to transport, take care and rehabilitate these orphaned rhinos, to give them the best chance to survive and thrive.


In conjunction with The Shared Universe Foundation we intend to raise funds to support and develop a dedicated rhino orphanage in the most northern part of the Limpopo Province.

We envision a world-class facility where the sole aim is to rehabilitate baby rhinos and once strong enough we will release them back into a safe protected environment.

The facilities should include:

  • Bomas with temperature regulated stables

  • Camps varying in size

  • Temperature controlled food and a milk storage room

  • Different equipment

  • An ICU room

  • A specially designed vehicle and trailer.


To ensure minimum stress levels, it is important that once a baby rhino has been found it is transported as quickly as possible and with precaution to the care facility for its treatment and for recovery to start.  To do this we will also need a specially designed dedicated trailer or vehicle.

Rudi Viljoen, Po Box 369, Tzaneen, 0850.   Cell: 082 802 0880