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In this letter I share 5 reasons with you,
why Warriors Academy is the best choice

for your gap year....


This means that we have passed the rigorous health and safety standards giving you the peace of mind that you are dealing with a credible and professional organisation. Click here for online reviews directly from our students and parents - Reviews

1 - Warriors Academy is accredited by the International Gap Year Association. 


creating an environment where you will have the freedom and exposure to understand our world and therefore becoming a bona fide global citizen with an international network. 

2 - Warriors Academy is International and Multicultural

Visiting all 9 provinces and 4 neighbouring countries in South Africa, gives students a broader perspective and the skills to adapt and thrive in a fast paced and challenging world. 

3 - Warriors Academy leads by providing the most comprehensive variety of : unrivalled training, activities, experiences and travel.


During the program students will explore, discover and create their own greatness leading to independent and emotionally mature adults.

4 - We are the only Training Academy that uses the internationally renowned life coach and personal mastery specialist Rudi Viljoen.


Completing your Warriors Academy Gap Year serves as your first year of your Multi Activity Instructor qualification. When you decide to pursue a career in the outdoor and adventure tourism industry, you will be miles ahead. Click here for more about our MAI Qualification - MAI Prospectus-

5 - We are an international Adventure and Outdoor Training Institution.

The 200-day-year is divided into 4 stand-alone programs, aka ‘Quests'.


This gives you the flexibility to participate in as many Quests as you like.


Each 7-week Quest with its unique benefits is designed around our 5 pillars :

  • Core Skills (EQ fitness) - strengthening the inner being

  • Epic Skills - driving resilience and character growth through adventure

  • Self Skills -   Part 1: How to develop and present an online and social media presence to the real world  &  -  Part 2: An introduction to the entrepreneurial world.

  • We Skills - Embracing the gift of giving – extensive community service

  • Eco Skills - Engagement with the natural world: conservation and wildlife appreciation.


Click here for more details about each Quest - Warriors Quests.



Warriors Academy Base Camp is situated in the Magoebaskloof Mountains, Limpopo. Known as ‘land of the silver mist’, students spend about 20% of the year in this unique ecosystem. Click here for more info on our base camp location - Magoebaskloof. 

The cost per Quest  for 2019 :

South Africa & Africa- R47 000.00
USA & Australia - $ 5000.00
EU & GB - £ 3700.00

A non refundable application fee :

South Africa & Africa- R1 500.00
USA & Australia - $ 200.00
EU & GB - £ 150.00
 payable with 

 of application form.                 

A finance agreement can be negotiated and

will be subject to approval from management.

INCLUDED in the cost:

1.         Accommodation -  48 Nights

2.         Food - 140 meals

3.         Activities and courses

4.         Professional Coaching services

5.         Traveling       

6.         Training materials

7.         Registrations

8.         Equipment as per activities


1.         Laundry services

2.         Personal pocket money

3.         Personal gear (can be rented by "Rent-a-Mom")

4.         Activities outside of prospectus

5.         Medical emergencies

6.         Transport to & from Warriors Academy

            at the start and finish of each Quest

7.         Emergency transportation to doctors or other related services

8.         Medical and travel Insurance (US students it is pre-requisite to get                     travel and medical insurance from iNext, to be added to your account)

Warriors Academy

Quest dates for 2019 :    

Summer         23 Feb – 12 April

Autumn          27 Apr – 14 June

Winter            29 Jun – 16 Aug

Spring            31 Aug – 18 Oct

If working with the best is a priority for you,
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Warmest regards,

Ruan Viljoen

Gap Year Consultant
+27 83 706 9560

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