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Dear Rudi, Rene & Toltec Team,

I’m not sure where to start thanking you. What an extraordinary week I experienced at your open Toltec workshop. The way you manage to create a totally safe environment, smother each participant in unconditional love, and ensure absolute respect for each of us was amazing. I know from the other participants that we felt as if you and your remarkable team solely had our own interests at heart. In such an environment, no wonder magic flourishes.

Sharing with such a diverse group of people really highlighted how each of us could use our strengths, vulnerabilities and experience to help, teach, and encourage each other.  You do important and life changing work up there in the mountains. I feel energized, cleansed, free, and at ease with others and myself as a result. The last time I felt like that – well you know it was 47 years ago. Oh! and I haven’t laughed as much for years – and I mean really laugh until I could hardly breathe. Thank you. I would recommend this to anyone – like planting a tree, if not thirty years ago, then go now.

James Hill - Open Toltec August 2014 (UK)





Dear Rudi, "Through the Toltec workshop the powerful girl within me is finally released!  I have shaken off my limiting beliefs and I am ready to face the world with confidence and a grateful heart.  Thanks for the tranquility of the place, challenging activities, life lessons, eating lifestyle, mingling with awesome fellow South Africans and friends from countries beyond our shores.  Warrior’s team, you rock!


Marie-Louise Dambysa – Open Toltec August 2014 (Tzaneen South Africa)


Manager- Human resources
Amicorp India


Dear Rudi, I am the special girl from the Toltec workshop. I wanted to thank you for the most valuable workshop I have ever attended. I really learnt so much in 7 days that it is unbelievable. I am truly keeping up my workshop commitment of making my friends, colleagues, and family feel that they are special in their own ways. Would love to keep in touch with you. Take care and send my love and regards to the whole team.


Major Sonam Bakshi, Manager-Human Resources (India)


Senior Account manager


Dear Rudi, I just returned to my duties and I would like to thank you one more time for your workshop.  Being on this side of the world I am realizing how important and special that week was.  I have the determination to include into my life all that I learned from my own experience and from my colleague's experiences.  Please extend my gratitude to your special team!  Best Regards / Saludos Cordiales


Eveliny Arnal-Forde, Senior Account Manager (Barbados)


Deputy Head


Dear Rudi and Toltec Team, I had the privilege of doing my Toltec workshop just over 10 years ago.  Ever since I have made sure my whole family, colleagues, employees, partner, and closest friends have all done the Toltec workshop.  I wanted all these people to also have this amazing gift of breaking those limiting beliefs we hold about ourselves and to find our purpose in life. The results I have experienced and seen in others have filtered into all aspects of my life. On behalf of all of us, THANK YOU!


Rowena Viljoen, Team Player (Tzaneen, South Africa)


Corne Schoeman

The environment that was provided created the perfect mirror in order for us to see our own reflection and deal with those aspects we are often to petrified to deal with. I have experienced other such workshops but never at the level in which way it was presented. It felt like we were communicating with out higher selves and a deep reminder of the contract we embody.

                     Corne Schoeman (Magoebaskloof) July 2019



In 2010 our son was enrolled in Rudi Viljoen's Warriors gap year program "For the adventure of being alive". We were very pleased with the skills he learned, the team spirit he experienced, how his personality developed and the many ways he was challenged to leave his comfort zone and enter the courage zone.


In 2011 we took some 40 of our senior managers to South Africa for amongst other objectives an immersion in some of the techniques Rudi uses. With a strong emphasis on personal and corporate values, almost all ended up going through the fire for Amicorp. Since that time we have sent nine groups of twenty people for a full week of Toltec training, and we have been amazed with the results, and how long they actually stick. We have seen a lot of our people make remarkable progress in their personal development as well as their lives. By confronting who they actually are, people become much more aware of their unused potential and unlimited possibilities in work and life. We have seen several people taking on much greater responsibilities and overcoming major challenges. We have also seen a few people leave, as they decided that what our company was looking for was not what they wanted in life. Although at first that may seem like a loss, I think it improves the overall team and makes the leavers happier as well. We have much better teamwork and less internal strive. In a modern company all employees must contribute to the maximum of their potential, there is no space for slackers, or negative minds.


Rudi helps people to discover for themselves where that potential is, and to courageously take on new projects. We have many people who have learned for the first time to appreciate their colleagues as they are, irrespective of qualifications, title, race or position, which has a positive impact on our corporate culture.


Rudi has a very intense personal style that never fails to reach its objectives. The 'approval' rates by the participants in 'Toltec and the Walkabout workshops' have consistently been very high, and the various 'alumni' groups, continue to work and stick together. Spending a week without cell phone, heating, alcohol and cigarettes as well as being involved in lots of physical exercise has a huge positive impact on our employee's lives and morale.


I can fully recommend Rudi and his dedicated team for coaching on the key questions in any person's life as well as strengthening personal and corporate values.  We will continue to send people to Magoebaskloof.


Toine Knipping CEO Amicorp Group 


Toine's Book


Warriors 2009


Toltec gave me the courage to express who I truly am. I came to terms with this person and accepted myself. Because of this, I am now free. During Toltec I had the opportunity to deal with many of my life’s issues, this meant the world to me. I can finally express myself, just love others, and value everything around me. It’s not about faking it and just going with what society says to fit into this world anymore. I can now be me openly. And I finally love me.


Benjamin Erasmus, Warrior 2009 (Polokwane, SA)



The Toltec workshop changed my life!  I discovered a great power within and a sense of purity. It has made me stronger mentally and emotionally, affecting my daily life in a way no words can describe.  I learnt that life isn’t about discovering myself, life is about creating myself!


Renske Hagg,  (South Africa)




Rudi, Rene and Rowena are exceptional people and Toltec is an exceptional programme.  They are all highly diversely talented people in the physical fitness, nutritional, psychological and spiritual spheres. And they are also fearsomely accomplished practically. This is reflected in the absolutely bullshit free delivery.  Rudi's programme is a distillation of years of experience and inspiration and worked a miracle on every member of our very diverse group.  At the beginning he advised us to ' trust the process' , I  never had the slightest doubt that I was in completely safe and truly loving hands , no matter how difficult and sometimes painful that process was. And true to his word the process delivered a gift to me that  I rate as highly as being given life itself.  A cliché , but I have rediscovered my real self and its here to stay. And I know this experience was shared by all the other members of the group who I now regard as the finest closest friends.

I cannot recommend Rudi's Toltec highly enough and  feel completely confident to underwrite it with my own guarantee, satisfaction or your money back. Except I would substitute exhilaration for satisfaction and would include a rider that afterwards you will want everyone you know to go on it. 


Hal Jones,  (United Kingdom)



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