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Human Behaviour Specialist, Coach, Speaker, Conservationist, Adventurer & Entrepreneur
Dutch Self-Mastery Workshop
In collaboration with Dirk Hueff of Kyboko, join internationally renowned Master Coach and Human Behaviour Specialist, Rudi Viljoen as he takes his Self-Mastery programme to the Netherlands. 


Rudi Viljoen’s 6-day retreat-style Self-Mastery workshop is a journey of self-exploration and self-understanding. It will take courage and commitment. It will take becoming a warrior. The workshop has all the elements, experiences and learning aimed at individuals committed to bettering themselves in various aspects of their lives, both private and professional. Self-mastery is learning to have a different conversation with yourself, hearing what you actually have to say and rewriting your story.

This 6-day workshop will take place in the Dutch outdoors with beautiful accommodation in rural Friesland. This workshop will focus on rest, reflection, and self-discovery. Groups will consist of fifteen to twenty people.

Your attitude and perception will be fundamentally shifted, providing you with a set of skills that you can benefit from immediately and easily integrate into every area of your life. You’ll be challenged and invited to dig deep to create new possibilities.

This Workshop will help you find:

  • The origin of your shortcomings and how to deal with them
  • The events and beliefs that have shaped you into who you are
  • How you can have a different conversation with yourself and others
  • Your strengths and qualities and where they can take you

Ultimately gifting you with:

  • The ability to make conscious choices about your life and your behaviour
  • More clarity and self-awareness
  • Tools for a more meaningful life
  • Fulfilling relationships both personal and professional
Dates 9-14 June 2023
Rate TBA
Enquiries Rudi Viljoen (Master Coach and Workshop Facilitator)
Tel: +27 82 802 0880
Enquiries & Bookings Dirk Hueff 
Tel: +31 6 10537158
*Includes workshop, accommodation, and meals. Excludes travel arrangements. If you are not satisfied, we offer a full money back guarantee subject to full participation and completion of the workshop.
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