Human Behaviour Specialist & Coach

Human Behaviour Specialist, Coach, Speaker, Conservationist, Adventurer & Entrepreneur
Self-Mastery Intro workshop
This is a 5-evenings workshop and participants will be required to attend all 5 evenings as each session follows on the next.

The Self Mastery Workshop has elements, experiences and learning, aimed at Individuals committed to enhancing themselves. This workshop is a profound journey of discovery and allows participants to explore who they are and how they can manifest a more meaningful life. This is a tool for enhancing is relationships and a technique for breaking through to new levels of effectiveness, self-expression and intimacy. Here, you will be allowed to express yourself as an individual to discover your passion for life.

Each one of us is truly unique!  From our past experiences, culture, education and upbringing, we learn and develop patterns of behaviour that determines our personality.  Hence we develop an outlook, into ways of being and portraying our style, of who we consider ourselves to be and ultimately how we manifest ourselves in society.

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