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Self-Mastery Workshop
The Self Mastery workshop has all the elements, experiences and learning aimed at individuals committed to bettering themselves in various aspects of their lives.

We know that every human being has potential far beyond what they’ve ever thought, but we need the tools to put this knowledge to use. This workshop is a profound journey of discovery and allows participants to explore who they are and how they can manifest a meaningful life. It is a tool for making all relationships work, and a technique for breaking through to new levels of intimacy,  ffectiveness and self-expression. Here, you express yourself as an individual and discover your passion in life.

Each person is truly unique! From our past experiences, culture, education and upbringing, we learn and develop patterns of behaviour, practices and approaches that make up our personality. Hence, we
develop an outlook into ways of being and acting, “our style” – who we consider ourselves to be – and ultimately what we consider reality to be . We forget it is us who construct our perceptions and realities.

The recognition of this allows for a refreshing freedom. People, situations, and our approach to life can alter dramatically – if we choose. The Self Mastery workshop is a 6-day retreat-style workshop specifically designed to challenge the traditional ways of thinking, behaviour and reactions that no longer serve us. It facilitates fundamental shifts of attitude and perception, aiming to leave the individual creatively capable, fully satisfied and highly inspired to embrace a “bigger picture” of him or herself. The results are personal transformation.

  • This transformation results in committed human beings, who are solution oriented, not problem fixated.
  • People become passionate about themselves, what they do or want to do.
  • Responsibility and accountability become personal priorities.
  • Individuals become globally aware, thus positively contributing to life, and supporting their peers, families and colleagues. 
  • Effective communications and mindful listening for value in what others say.
  • Know himself or herself as someone who makes a profound difference.
  • Experience appreciation for their parents, siblings, partners as well as other human beings.
  • Powerfully and courageously face the risks and challenges of life.
  • Build Self Esteem and Self Worth.
  • Learning new “Language” and communication skills.
  • Learning new Life Tools to integrate on a personal level.

The Magic of the Self Mastery workshop is in its design. Each individual is able to apply it to whatever is meaningful to him or her. The results they achieve and leave with are tailored to their own unique commitments and interests. 

Situations that may have been challenging or difficult become fluid and open to change. We find ourselves no longer limited by a finite set of options, and able to achieve what we  want with new ease and enjoyment. There is a freedom and ability to take action that was unavailable before - even familiar actions produce a whole new level of effectiveness. We are left, possibly for the first time, with a choice about who we are and who we can be.

Why Coaching Human Potential is Good for Business    

In the turbulent global economic environment in which organisations’ operate, change has become a permanent feature of the business landscape. There is relentless pressure to ensure that companies and individuals remain competitive. It has become imperative to seek learning that will give people of all ages an energised and competitive edge. If you are energised, you will have a zest for life, allowing you to be more creative and cope better with mental and physical challenges. It makes for a happier and healthier environment, and creates that positive magnetic presence that draws people to want to be in your space. 

The Impoverishment and the lack of "soul nourishment" experienced in our environments can directly impact on traditional organisational concerns of performance, productivity, creativity, innovation and
competitive advantage. In many ways, being balanced and connected is a core business process. Coaching the human being makes good business sense because it is about supporting people to be at their best in living, learning and working. Tragically, with the hustle and bustle and fight for survival in general life, many people have lost the connection with themselves and other souls. 

We have lost connection with what matters deeply to us, and without realising, it compromises the quality of our existence. This reflects in our way of behaving and being, which is the basis of the quality of our existence. The notion of “the soul" might seem unrelated or at odds with the often, harsh reality of organisational life and learning. It can seem like an esoteric concept, a bit "touchy feely", associated with
religion, and philosophical discussions. Negative, uninspired and numbed people, can have a major bearing on enduring personal and organisational concerns of performance, creativity, and productivity. When people are at their best, organisations benefit from their enhanced performance, productivity and creativity.

Self Mastery Workshop Outcomes

  • In their personal and professional life, participants will develop:
    • New levels of confidence to explore possibilities, take bold action, and embrace ‘new’ challenges and opportunities.
    • Greater emotional insight and resilience.
    • Self-correction.
    • An ability to communicate more effectively with others – and to bring out their humanity and commitment. 
    • An expanded capacity for observation and reflection leading to insight. 
    • Greater satisfaction and understanding with their achievements as a leader.
  • In working with and leading others they will expand their capacity to:
    • Build new levels of trust in relationships with peers, employees, colleagues and partners.
    • Elicit powerful commitments from others.
    • Generate long-term vision.
    • Coach others to achieve remarkable results.
    • Participate effectively in the different kinds of conversations that shape our lives.
    • Awaken greater responsibility in others.
  • In contributing to the team, they will:
    • Inspire a new spirit of dialogue and collaboration across the traditional boundaries of the team.
    • Be self-generating.
    • Design and implement new work practices that contribute to creating a workplace of choice.
    • Set new standards of accountability and responsibility in the management practices of the team; and give practical meaning to the creation of a coaching and learning culture in the team.
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